Precision Part Quality Control

Quality Control - Precision Machining

At Polydee Instruments we have complete in-process quality control and an inspection department to maintain our high standards of precision and accuracy of our precision parts.

To meet our customers ISO 9001-2015 quality control requirements we continuously monitor and test the conformance of our manufacturing processes. Using good Quality Instruments with calibration our highly experienced staff inspect your finished parts to meet your and our own rigorous specifications.

If requested, we will provide a complete Inspection Report as well as Material Certification documentation.

Inspection Equipment Quantity Tolerance
Profile Projector 1 0.0002 / 0.005 mm
Dial Micrometer 5 0.0001 inch / 0.001 mm
Digital Micrometer 3 0.00005 inch / 0.05 mm
Dial Vernier Calipers 5 0.001 inch / 0.02 mm
Granite Surface Plate 1 0.002 mm
Digital Dial Guage 5 0.001 inch / 0.02 mm

At Polydee Instruments: “The integration of quality consciousness into the whole manufacturing process guarantees the precision part quality”.

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